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The Grillworks 20 - "The Grillery"

The Grillworks 20 - "The Grillery"

The Grillworks 20 - "The Grillery"

The Updated Grillworks 20 - aka The Grillery- is our original model, first built in 1980. Packed with the same features, cooking system and fine construction as its larger brothers and now equipped to take a HD rotisserie, the 20 is ideal for smaller spaces and for smaller groups. Wondering if it is big enough? Our rule of thumb on grill sizes: if your usual grilling audience is fewer than six the 20 will do just fine. Equipped with a single grill surface 20" wide by 19" deep.



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Our folding side tray attaches to the side of the grill, providing a heavy duty matching surface for spices, food or the chef's drink. Folds down flat and out of the way against the grill when needed.

Folding Stainless Side Tray - Add $285.00

The Heavy Duty Rotisserie option enables rotisserie cooking alone or in conjunction with normal cooking on the surface below. Comes with a (USA-built) stainless motor rated to turning an 80 lb (balanced) load. To see what this looks like, check out the photos of the Asador models with HD Rotisserie mounted.

When considering your rotisserie plans, remember that the most important consideration is the LENGTH of the cut you want to cook(maximum diameter is about 14"). The Grillworks 20 has about 18" of rotisserie cooking width - plenty for anything up to goose size. If you plan to turn whole lambs you should consider one of our larger models. The 26 has 24" of room, the 36 has 34" of interior firebox space, the 42 has about 40".

Grillery HD Rotisserie - Add $775.00

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