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The Grillworks 26

The Grillworks 26

The Grillworks 26

The 26 is a nice step up in total cook area compared to the Grillworks 20, plus the split surfaces enable this model to take the accessory surfaces that her larger siblings use. A significant upgrade in versatility without much of an accompanying patio footprint increase.

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The Heavy Duty Rotisserie option enables rotisserie cooking alone or in conjunction with normal cooking on the surface below. A stainless (made in USA) motor mounts on one side of the grill, and the hex spit extends across the firebox into a receiver hole on the other side.A second, lower position lets you place the food closer to the heat if required. The motor is rated to a 60 lb (balanced) load.

This option is available for the 20, 26, 36 or 42 Grillworks, so when considering your rotisserie plans, remember that the most important consideration is the LENGTH of the cut you want to cook(maximum diameter is about 14"). The Grillworks 20 has about 18" 26 has about 24" of rotisserie space, the 36 goes up to 34" and the 42 has about 40.

Grillworks Heavy Duty Fixed Rotisserie - Add $900.00

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